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Green Table Tapestry

Green Table Tapestry

Published Circa 1990s
Image Area Dimensions 88″ x 59″

Woven Wool Tapestry
Edition Size 2-3 pieces.

Gallery Retail $35,000.

Mint New Condition from the Estate of LeRoy Neiman

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LeRoy Neiman Soft Art

Instead of painting with a brush, the artist paints with mod acrylic fibers and yarn. Each individual soft painting is the result of the collaborative effort of LeRoy Neiman and a trained staff of professional artists. The Artist’s pallet consists of specially dyed fabrics whose colors are vibrant and translucent. Each is signed by the artist and features his personal, signed certificate of authenticity.

Once Mr. Neiman has chosen the colors that are the most appropriate for the particular image, each element is outlined in yarn. Fabrics are cut by hand and arranged layer by layer in a three- dimensional fashion. Each image may have as many as 40 pieces of fabric all in different overlapping colors. This layering creates a transparency similar to that of watercolor or acrylic washes. In addition to the mod acrylic fabric, dyed yarns of various thicknesses and weights of 100% wool are used to create the more intricate lines and stripes, giving the image added dimension.

Once a specific area has been completed by this layering it is secured with a small handheld needle machine. Its 800 needles safely join the swatches together. Because every step of the process is executed by hand, 4-6 weeks are required to complete a single soft painting. The resulting work of art receives the same care the artist might lavish on a single canvas.

This unique process requires no weaving or knotting. LeRoy Neiman has seized the rich possibilities of this process and brought to it the dynamic strengths of his own work – color, movement, and a tangible sense of space. Throughout the process, Mr. Neiman instructs and supervises the process and creation of each painting including painting finishing touches directly onto the fabric to assure complete accuracy of the image to its original oil precedent.

After the image has been approved and readied in the New York studio, it is finished with the use of 50,000 needles which secure the fabric and yarn to a linen backing. This final step gives the soft painting a smooth textural quality while retaining its brilliant transparent colors and three-dimensionality.

Just like serigraphs, these pieces are created by layering color on top of color to recreate the original work except in high quality fabrics which are dyed to LeRoy Neiman’s same specific color specifications as his oils.

Only a few were made of each image as they are incredible laborious to produce and so are extremely rare.

LeRoy Neiman (American, 1921-2012), 1989, soft art, felted wool tapestry, published by Art Renaissance Technology, New York, NY, copyright LeRoy Neiman Inc.


Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Serigraph also available:

Green Table

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LeRoy Neiman was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, De Paul University, and the University of Illinois.He taught at the Art Institute of Chicago’s school for ten years. Neiman moved to New York City in 1963 when he had his first one-man show at the Hammer Gallery. He then continued to portray the people and events of the world he knew best, or which intrigued him most. His best-known works are sports scenes, a reflection, he believes, of the fact that sports are universally a dominant force. He was the official artist for ABC-TV at the Olympic Games in 1972 and 1976, and at the Winter Olympics of 1980. Neiman’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and the Hermitage in Leningrad. Some people will pronouce his name wrong and spell it Nieman, but we know who they are talking about.

LeRoy Neiman passed away in 2012 after over 60 years of publication. His original works have sold for upwards of $750,000 and there is still an active receptive market for his work. Atkinson Fine Art published LeRoy Neiman’s last signed work in 2011, The Grenadier Bar.

Best known for his brilliantly colored, stunningly energetic images of sporting events and leisure activities, his art is unique. It stands alone without any real comparison. It is an art which has become controversial because Neiman has broken the barriers of many of the most hallowed assumptions of modern art history and contemporary criticism. It is an art that is loved by millions of people throughoutAmerica and around the world.

We know LeRoy Neiman’s market like noone else. Whether you are buying or selling, let Atkinson Fine Art serve you in your fine art journey.


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