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Eaux Fortes Suite

Eaux Fortes Suite

Published 1980.
Limited Edition Etchings on Paper.
Image Area Dimensions Vary on Each.
Identical Paper Size in Handsome Portfolio Case.
Numbered 250 Pieces.
Signed and numbered by LeRoy Neiman.
Gallery Retail $37,500.
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10 Pieces which comprise the Eaux Fortes Suite:
Bovine Family
Daily Double
Six Nudes
Stud Poker
Game of Life
Midnight Cheetah
Into the Open

Introduction Page
30″ x 22″
LeRoy Neiman is at ease with many media. Most of his early years were
spent painting and drawing. He explored a number of art-in-multiples tech-
niques, but was not entirely satisfied with the first results.
His tentative experiments with monotypes and lithographs in the 1950s
and 60s were followed by his passionate love affair with serigraphs in the
1970s. The technique of serigraphy made his sensuously controlled explo-
sions of color available to a very wide audience. It was not until he had
published over a hundred limited editions of serigraphs in an orgy of paint-
erly creativity that he begun to feel an attraction for the firm discipline of
the etcher’s art.
His first etchings were done as learning experiments in Switzerland during
1971. The methodology intrigued him. In 1972, he produced several suites
of sports subjects – baseball, skiing, hockey, basketball and boxing. During
those early years he worked with various techniques that ranged from aqua-
tint to hand pulled photo-etching. Then he set the etching process aside
for a few years.
Late in 1975, he felt the itch to etch again. He bought his own press, and
set it up in his New York studio. From that point on, Neiman’s etchings
started to become deeply personal expressions.
The first suite off the press was a series of nudes, followed by moving
studies of people and animals working together in a special kind of natural
harmony. the period between 1977 and 1978 marks the mature development
of Neiman’s work as an etcher.
Since that time all of his etchings have been worked on the various
metals in his etching studio. Each image originated as a direct line drawing
through a hard ground which was then etched. After the first state proof is
pulled, Neiman usually reworks the plate using such techniques as aquatint,
dry point, and scraping. Each time the plate is reworked, a state proof is
pulled until the artist is satisfied with the image. All of the impressions for
each edition are then inked and hand pulled by his printer under Neiman’s
direction in the etching studio.
“The Game of Life”, is a provocative allegory, and a masterpiece of etching,
where representatives from every corner of the Planet Earth gather together
around the spinning of the roulette wheel.
Early in 1980, Neiman decided to devote a great deal of his time to
etching. The results have been impressive. This year also marks the publica-
tion of his first major Limited Edition of his etchings since 1972. This portfolio
edition enclosed contains the following ten etchings: Dalmatian, Six Nudes,
Bovine Family, Midnight Cheetah, Rodeo, Soccer, Daily Double, Into the
Open, The Game of Life, Stud Poker. Each etching consists of 250 impress-
sions with 40 artist’s proofs. The range of Neiman’s subject matter in this
edition is considerable, from studies of animals and nudes to the active
drama of sporting events and gambling tables.
Lanier Graham
Edition’s Page
30″ x 22″
The ten etchings in this portfolio, published by Knoedler Publishing, Inc.,
were created by LeRoy Neiman in 1980 and printed in his New York etching
The edition was hand pulled by Madeleine-Claude Jobrack on Arches
paper. It is inter-leaved with Arches Text which has been hand printed
and embossed.
The handmade presentation portfolio was designed to archivally protect
the prints.
Each suite of 10 etchings has been printed as an edition of 250, num-
bered 1/250 through 250/250. There are 40 artist’s proofs numbered I/XL
through XL/XL and 5 printer’s proofs numbered XLI/XLV through XLV/XLV.
The plated have been cancelled and a cancellation proof has been pulled
from each plate.
This suite is number XVIII/XL.
“LeRoy Neiman” – Signed in Pencil.



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LeRoy Neiman was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, De Paul University, and the University of Illinois.He taught at the Art Institute of Chicago’s school for ten years. Neiman moved to New York City in 1963 when he had his first one-man show at the Hammer Gallery. He then continued to portray the people and events of the world he knew best, or which intrigued him most. His best-known works are sports scenes, a reflection, he believes, of the fact that sports are universally a dominant force. He was the official artist for ABC-TV at the Olympic Games in 1972 and 1976, and at the Winter Olympics of 1980. Neiman’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and the Hermitage in Leningrad. Some people will pronouce his name wrong and spell it Nieman, but we know who they are talking about.

LeRoy Neiman passed away in 2012 after over 60 years of publication. His original works have sold for upwards of $750,000 and there is still an active receptive market for his work. Atkinson Fine Art published LeRoy Neiman’s last signed work in 2011, The Grenadier Bar.

Best known for his brilliantly colored, stunningly energetic images of sporting events and leisure activities, his art is unique. It stands alone without any real comparison. It is an art which has become controversial because Neiman has broken the barriers of many of the most hallowed assumptions of modern art history and contemporary criticism. It is an art that is loved by millions of people throughoutAmerica and around the world.

We know LeRoy Neiman’s market like noone else. Whether you are buying or selling, let Atkinson Fine Art serve you in your fine art journey.


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